Realme Watch, a new smart watch full function

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After the Realme brand previously launched the Realme Band , a smart wristband. The best price in March Which receive a very good response, causing the latest Realme to not wait to launch the first smartwatch of the camp, following in a row, coming in the name of Realme Watch, which is a smart watch. For health lovers that comes with a touch screen display with heart rate sensor and measure blood oxygen levels. Plus the battery can be used for up to 9 days ever.

Realme Watch comes with a touch screen display. It comes with 12 watch faces that can display basic information such as day, date, time, weather and health information such as step count, heart rate. And including the calories burned You can also choose other watch faces of your liking from the Realme Link app.

Realme Watch is equipp with a PPG sensor that can measure your heart rate in real time 24 hours a day and can record your heartbeat. which is an optical sensor high accuracy It alerts you immediately when you have an abnormal heart rate. It also comes with SpO2, a measure of the oxygen concentration within your blood. So you can feel the changes happening inside your body. Which this system is consider very useful for people who have to use heavy physically on a daily basis.

For anyone who loves exercise, it should be very interesting because it can track all your activities with up to 14 exercise activity recording modes and can display real-time exercise results. In addition, the algorithm used to count the steps of Realme Watch can also distinguish whether what step is running and which step is to walk precisely Helping you to get more detailed information