If you like spicy food, be careful

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All spicy, garish Did you know that all kinds of “ spicy food ” will stimulate the heat energy in the body. And may be so much that it can destroy the tissue cells in our body. And if you eat like this regularly, you will soon get sick. because of your own eating


The spicy flavor comes from chili peppers. And in chili peppers contain Capsaicin, which this substance will irritate the tissues of our tongue, making us feel “ spicy ” despite the fact that the tongue does not have spicy taste buds. Try to notice when we eat very spicy. will feel hot flashes. This heat lasts a long time since we eat it in our mouth. extends to the lower part of the stomach. And until the excretion ever. during that trip Spicy can cause tissue weakness, inflammation, swelling, and redness. Too spicy can cause the cells to die and peel off. These can cause irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.


The sour taste will increase the acidity in the stomach. even though it is already very high in acid Sour acids will thin the tooth enamel, causing tooth sensitivity or cavities. It is also the cause of stomach disease. Irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux as well.

Sweet taste

Sweet taste that we can get from sugar, rice, starch, as well as processed foods. The body will be able to absorb it quickly. If you get too much, your blood sugar level is so high that it’s out of balance. The pancreas has to work harder to produce more insulin. When the pancreas is working harder until it deteriorates, it doesn’t produce enough insulin. until you may eventually become diabetic


Early horror of salty eaters is edema Because if you eat too salty. The body receives too much sodium salt. Our kidneys will not excrete salt in time. And if drinking less water The higher the salt concentration in the blood. The blood is therefore very viscous. The heart must be tired, exert more pressure to send blood to the various parts of the body. ” Eating salty ” therefore not only destroys the ” kidney ” but also spreads to the ” heart and blood vessels ” as well.

Many people want to be healthy. End this spicy problem by eating bland. But keep in mind that some things are not easy if you don’t control every step of the cooking yourself. Because the food that we encounter in our daily life often contains salt, sodium and sugar hidden for us to accidentally eat. 

So you have to be extra careful. But one thing that can start on its own And do not have to say goodbye to the deliciousness of spicy food is to change the ingredients in the house. Choose seasonings That reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure on the outside to maintain delicious taste, can be cooked as you like. It’s also good for health.

for example Good Ride products invented by the Institute of Nutrition Mahidol University Has developed a recipe to reduce salt, sodium and sugar. that uses potassium salt instead of sodium salt and use sweeteners instead of sugar It can reduce the amount of sodium and sugar by 40-60%. It is a condiment that should be enjoy by kitchen lovers. but still love health. The new clean restaurant. It is commonly use to adjust the taste to suit the taste of customers. 

But still a clean food that does not harm health For patients who have to be careful about the taste of food all along. such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure ischemic heart disease You can eat good-tasting food while taking care of your health as usual. The products in the group are diverse. Such as fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, tomato sauce, oyster sauce, chicken sauce and plum sauce. Called to meet all the needs of those who love spicy food. If you are still addict to the taste but do not want to lose health.