To wear two layers of masks to prevent covid-19

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We believe that everyone is already aware of how to protect yourself from getting infected with COVID-19. The best way is to wash your hands every time you come in contact with spray , soap or alcohol gel included. Another thing that is indispensable. When it is necessary to leave the house is ‘ Hygienic Mask ‘. Of course, there are many types and types for us to choose from, whether it’s cloth masks, medical masks or N95 masks. In the past, many people may have heard that ” wearing a 2-layer mask “ can Helps to increase the effectiveness of preventing COVID-19 more than just wearing a single layer. But there are still people who question whether “Will it really help?” or “Should I wear two layers?” Today I have the knowledge and answers to answer all questions.

The CDC, or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ufabet thai has conducted a trial of wearing a two-layer mask to test how much protection it can provide. The experiment will test protection from coughing and breathing. The results from the experiment are as follows.

1. Prevention of infection from coughing

There are three types of cough protection tests:

  • 1 layer cloth mask
  • medical mask only 1 layer
  • 1 layer of medical mask and cover with another layer of cloth mask

The results of the experiment revealed that Wearing a double-layer mask in Type 3 protects against 85.4% of infections from coughing, while wearing a single layer of cloth or medical masks can only protect against 51.4% and 56.1% of germs.

2. Preventing infection from breathing

For the results of this experiment, it was found that

  • If the infected person wears a double mask (medical mask and cloth mask) while talking to an uninfected person who does not wear a mask. will be able to stop the spread of infection by more than 82.2%
  • If the uninfected person wears a double mask (medical mask and cloth mask) while talking to an infected person who is not wearing a mask. It can prevent more than 83% of infection.
  • If both the infected and the uninfected wear double-layer masks (medical masks and cloth masks), they can stop transmission by up to 96.4%.

Other advantages of wearing a double layer mask

1. Fitness

There are many types of masks that, once worn, cannot fit our face well. Therefore, when the infected person wears a mask, The virus can also spread. Because there is a gap between the face and the mask. At the same time, people who are not infected but wear masks are less fit. You can also get the virus. Which to solve this problem by wearing a 2-layer mask is a good option.

2. Virus filtration

Most infections are spread for three main reasons: talking, coughing and sneezing. Wearing a double layer mask will help filter out more of the virus for us. because when the virus escapes into the first layer But at least there is still a second layer that can still help filter us, so the CDC recommends that people wear at least 2-3 layers of masks 2 ).

How to properly wear a double layer mask

After knowing the advantages of wearing two layers of masks Now it’s time to put some in the right place. Because wearing it correctly will make a mask to help prevent covid 19 most effectively.

1. Choose the correct type of mask.

Correct use of the double-layer mask should be the first layer of a medical mask. After that, a cloth mask was covered over another layer 3 ).

2. Avoid using the wrong type of mask.

Some masks cannot be worn together. Because it may not be fit enough to create gaps that bacteria can enter. including breathing that may be more difficult than before Therefore, wearing a 2-layer mask that should be avoided are as follows:

  • To wear both layers of medical masks.
  • Wear the KN95 mask with other masks.
  • Wear an N95 mask with other masks.

3. Try it before inside the house.

Before leaving the house, you should prepare to wear a mask. It will also test your fitness, breathing and vision.

  • Fitness You need to make sure that the second layer of mask can be tightly attached to our face without any gaps for germs to enter. especially in the area of ​​the nose bridge You should seal it well.
  • Breathing Of course, breathing in a mask can be a bit difficult. But wearing a 2-layer mask should not make breathing more difficult or different than a single layer.
  • To see the mask layer 2 Health should not be overshadowed by the sight of you.

4. Wear it every time you go to a crowded place.

Of course, in some places maybe social distance Somewhat difficult such as shopping malls, hospitals, public transportation or offices, so before going to that place, you should prepare to wear a double layer mask.