How to store bananas to make them last longer?

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Banana  is another popular fruit. easy to buy they are sold both in markets and supermarkets. Including the convenience stores are also available. It can be said that there is food all year round. And bananas are also a versatile fruit. Can be used to cook almost every part. But with the hot weather in our house, many houses may have a problem buying bananas as a comb. but never eat Bananas always ripen first. Buying as a child is expensive. Buying as a comb will be left behind. Today, We have a secret in the kitchen for you with how to keep bananas for a long time and fresh, delicious like the first day you bought them. not ripe enough to be edible And the most important thing is not to waste money when buying it. If you’re ready, let’s see what’s the way!

How to store bananas for a long time, fresh, delicious, not rotten quickly

     The first thing to do when you get home is Immediately remove the bananas from the plastic bags. for ventilation Because the moisture inside the bag plus the hot air will cause the bananas to ripen faster and rot faster.

How to store bananas no refrigerator

1. Keep bananas out of light. Try not to let the bananas get out of the sun. will ripen more slowly

2. Cut the bananas from the terminals. then use plastic wrap or a plastic bag to cover the banana pole completely to prevent air from entering

3. Use a thin knife at the terminal every day will slow down the ripening of bananas

4. Bring water to a boil. Then pour it into the basin and mix with normal water until warm water is obtained. (A temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius) and then soak the whole banana in warm water for 10 minutes, then hang the banana to dry. Will be able to extend the life of bananas by 8-10 days.

How to store bananas in the refrigerator

1. How to store mature bananas with green peel : Cut about 3-4 bananas into sections, depending on the size of the comb. by cutting to attach the terminal Then take the newspaper and wrap each part of the banana completely. Then put the bananas in another plastic bag. Then put it in the refrigerator. Remove from the refrigerator a few days before eating. Bananas will gradually ripen on their own.

2. How to store ripe bananas :

2.1 Cut the bananas from the comb separately one by one. Don’t get stuck Then wrap the whole banana in plastic wrap. Then put the bananas in the refrigerator.

2.2 Cut the bananas from the comb separately one by one. Don’t get stuck Then put the bananas in a plastic bag. Close the lid of the bag completely to prevent air from entering. Then put the bananas in the refrigerator.

2.3 Bring newspaper or A4 paper to wrap the bananas 1 layer first, then put the bananas in a plastic bag and refrigerate in the vegetable compartment. The bananas can be kept fresh for a month.

* Putting the bananas in the refrigerator without wrapping them first Will be able to extend the life of bananas as well. But the banana peel is bruised black.