How to take care of your mind, Covid-19

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With the situation of Covid-19 that has come back to be severe again in ufabet Thailand By this round of outbreaks, it is considered that the number of new infected people each day is increasing by thousands. This kind of situation will cause many people to be anxious, stressed, sad, and probably feel bored at the same time. And it doesn’t make everything better either

So getting rid of stress and worry is probably the best option at this time. However, many people would probably question whether “So how should we alleviate the stress of the COVID-19 situation?” It must be said that it’s not as difficult as you think. Plus, there are a number of ways that you can try and implement.

In this article, we will share interesting tricks for everyone to take care of their own minds.

1. Try to talk to other people

Talking or communicating here may not be speaking face-to-face. Face mask Because the current situation may not be very appropriate. But with technology that has already advanced a lot. Communicating via mobile phone or video calling is as simple as putting a banana in your mouth. The way we recommend it is that you call your family, friends, or people closest to you (especially dealing with elderly family members). that doesn’t rely on you) because this method is one that heals our minds a lot. When we share a story or talk to someone close to us. One thing we can feel is peace of mind and of course that stress or anxiety will go away as well.

2. Talk about stressful things

Expressing your stress and worries with those you trust. It is another way to help us relax more. You may share your concerns about COVID-19 with your close friends. On the other hand, you may also be able to help him indirectly. because when people stress about the same and know that I am not alone It will make you feel like you have understanding friends around you.

3. Help each other

Helping others is another way that you may unknowingly relieve your anxiety. So try to understand people who are in the same situation as you. Try to figure out how you can help those around you in this situation. If you can’t meet those people whether family or friends You can text or call them. but for those who can meet face to face don’t forget to Keep social distance because helping others meanwhile you may find a solution for yourself.

4. Always be prepared

If the COVID-19 epidemic situation continues to increase, it is best to be prepared for the situation each week. whether preparing to buy A must-have item during the COVID pandemic Make a meal plan or a plan to do important things. This time of thought will allow you to shift your focus on stress to other things.

5. Try to take care of your health

Physical health affects a person’s mental state greatly, especially in situations like this. I can tell you that the multiplier is many times more than before. because the mind will begin to worry that Is the symptom that is infected with covid or not, even though it may actually be just a normal allergy? Therefore, what will not cause us to encounter this condition is eating healthy and exercising at home, such as home fitness, whether it is a treadmill , exercise bike , yoga mat , boxing sack , dumbbells , ropes. Jumping , abdominal roller or a simple exercise to reduce the abdomen that does not require any equipment.

6. Check the source of the news

Nowadays, with social networks that anyone can post or share anything. causing a lot of fake news Some of the information created panic for many people. However, if you have read any news or articles. You will need to check the source and determine whether it is true or not? should not be immediately believed. Because it will create stress for us without cause.

7. Try to let go of things you can’t control

Worrying about the COVID-19 situation is normal. but for some people Panic or stressful Existing may affect your daily life. The easiest way to deal with stress is to focus your stress on things you can control first, such as your daily behaviors or activities. This method may help you more or less. Because when you fix a simple problem, it might make you feel better. But if you still feel bad Talking to a psychiatrist is not something strange. Because the doctor will help fix the problem for us on the spot. However, seeing a psychiatrist is the same as seeing a general doctor. Don’t worry about having to seek advice at all.

8. Do What You Like

Stress can make us want to do nothing. But it’s best not to get caught up in the stress of quarantine . It’s best to spend time doing things you enjoy like watching a series , listening to music, reading a book, or chatting with friends via social media. media The activities that we like will help us relax very well.

9. Focus on the present

You should focus on the present. Should not be worried about the future. Which this method will help relieve our worries very well. Especially if we meditate, we will be more mindful than before.

10. Get enough rest

Adequate rest for about 7-10 hours will allow us to rest the mind as well. Therefore, in order to rest effectively It is recommended that you avoid consuming caffeine before bedtime or playing with your phone in bed. This should create an atmosphere in the bedroom to look relaxing. to make it easier for us to sleep For anyone who has difficulty falling asleep, sometimes it may be that your mattress is not up to standard. You can check Warning signs that you should change the ‘mattress’ now. From this article.