How many types of coffee beans are there?

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Coffee beans with the word Arabica and Robusta, which is the name of the 2 species of beans. That most people in the world eat, sure enough. Which is to say that these two species are quite different. Both in terms of planting coffee beans smell and taste including the taste But many people may not know that there are actually many different types of coffee. But enough to be familiar to the ear, there are 4 main species. Well, now let’s take a look at the two types of coffee beans. What’s the difference?

Coffee species type of coffee beans

     As for the coffee Excelsa (Excelsa) and Liberica (Liberica), because the taste is not as good as it should be, it is not grown. and is not well known which coffee varieties that taste good And popularly grown for commercial purposes, there will be only 2 varieties, namely Arabica (Arabica) and Robusta (Robusta).

Difference between Arabica coffee vs Robusta

Arabica coffee beans

Arabica is a species of coffee that people around the world. including Thai people who drink the most because it smells good And the taste is soft, there are many dimensions, and the caffeine content is not very high. Easy to drink. The characteristics of the coffee beans are more slender than Robusta. Arabica grows well on high ground. cool That’s why the northern part of Thailand Popularly cultivated Arabica coffee. Well sure enough.

Coffee bean Robusta (Robusta)

     Robusta (Robusta) is the second most popular coffee after Arabica. The characteristics of the coffee beans are round and shorter than Arabica beans. The diameter of the beans is straight. Robusta is a darker and bitter coffee than Arabica. Not addicted to sour taste solid body The caffeine content is considerably higher than Arabica. Therefore, some people drink Robusta coffee (Robusta) and may have dizziness. Arabica grows well in low-lying areas. hot and humid in the southern region of Thailand Most of the Robusta are processed into instant coffee rather than fresh coffee in the coffee shop.