“Lisa BLACKPINK” with great nail work, LALISA

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There is a bang for the slender nails for  Lisa- Lisa Manoban or ” Lisa BLACKPINK “ with the first single album in her life LALISA that bangs all the way through the song, content, melody, choreography, clothes, face, hair. including the most detailed nail art 

Released the song “LALISA” for only 2 days, the total number of views surpassed 100 million, and the song in just 3.26 minutes  “Lisa” hit 14 looks, each look is very enjoyable, both cool, sweet, sour or acting looks. Thainess like wearing golden Thai silk Wear the top tiara from the much-talked-about brand Asava .

In addition to everything being good, small works that many people may not see like “Nails” of ” Lisa” are also very beautiful. It is the most detailed work. unique idea Because there is a change in nail style to match with every outfit you wear.

Recently, the person behind the nail work like nail_unistella Released nail art from the solo album when the MV of LALISA came out.

In addition to the beautiful and creative nail art, any “Lisa” is  also very slender fingers. What kind of people are all perfect? Impeccably beautiful.

Girls who want to have beautiful nails and still looking for a manicure Let’s take a look at the ideas from nail_unistella, you  can get it. Very beautiful in many looks.