Summer in Lungern, a pretty village, Switzerland

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Lungern, a beautiful village in Switzerland It sits 750 meters above sea level. The highest part of the state of Obwalden on the eastern shores of the emerald green Lake Lungern. That attracts travelers. And water sports enthusiasts.

In summer, this is a popular hiking trail. The nature trail has information boards along the 2.5 km long hiking trail. Visitors can soak up the freshness of the forest with knowledge about animals and plants. Including about the history of the Ice Age here

Exploring the village and surrounding area on foot or mountain biking. It is a very popular activity. Including cycling around the lake It is said that in the summer the lake at Lungern has drinkable water quality. And the temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius, suitable for playing in the water the most.

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Schmetterlingspfad (Butterfly Path)

If the nature trail is more your thing, you should embark on the butterfly trail. If you have time to travel between June and September, you’ll be able to chase over 100 different butterflies while fluttering around the blossoming flowers. A network of trails runs for 16kms, and there are spots along the way to stop and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air