7 women’s bracelets from famous brands

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In addition to dressing up in beautiful clothes Young women like us will need to add jewelry, such as bracelets, women’s bracelets, it will help to add chic to our look quite well. And even if it’s 7 bracelets from these famous brands I’m sure it’s bang. Because it is the most popular bracelet that many celebrities wear. Wear it and you won’t go out of fashion for sure!

1. Van Cleef & Arpels Women’s Bangle : Vintage Alhambra bracelet, 5 motifs

When you see a clover bracelet like this, you’ll definitely be reminded of a brand like Van Cleef & Arpels. It can be said that it is a unique design and is very memorable. It is also one of the most popular bracelets that girls must have. And most importantly, the clover is also considered a symbol of good fortune. Wear it and it’s both beautiful and luxurious. It looks expensive and also brings good luck. There is no such thing as this!

2. Women’s bracelet, Cartier brand: Love Bracelet

Bangles that are known to be very popular. Almost every celeb must have one. That is the Love bracelet collection from the brand Cartier. Just seeing this design, you don’t have to guess what brand of bracelet it is. Nice and sleek design But it is unique and unique. Wear it and the wrist is beautiful and looks very rich. It also has a good meaning. It is a design that represents the symbol of love and free spirit.

3. Women’s bracelet, Cartier brand : Juste un Clou Bracelet

In addition to the Love collection, there is another design from the Cartier brand that is equally popular. That’s the Juste un Clou collection with a design similar to this nail. It is the most popular collection. Celebrities wear it a lot. There’s a Love bracelet and Juste un Clou. It’s meaningful to wear. conveys freedom and courage Suitable for most strong women.

4. Women’s bracelet, BVLGARI brand: Serpenti Viper Bracelet

     Another bangle with a unique design. inspired by snakes Wear it and look beautiful. Embellished with gems that camouflage the look of snake scales. It’s really beautiful and catches all eyes. It is another popular bracelet that girls must have. put on and stand out I know that it is a bracelet from the luxury brand BVLGARI or Bulgari sure enough.

5. Women’s bracelet, Tiffany & Co. brand: Tiffany T Square Bracelet

If talking about popular bracelets from famous brands Must not forget this luxury brand, Tiffany & Co., and Tiffany T Square Bracelet, this T-shaped design is another outstanding and unique design. It’s very easy to remember. Wear it and look elegant and expensive. Easy to match with a variety of styles of clothing. Girls must have one, let me tell you!

6. Hermes Women’s Bracelet : Clic H Bracelet

Arrived on the other side of the luxury fashion brand Hermes. Besides the popular Birkin bag, the Clic H bracelet is another popular bracelet that celebrities wear a lot. Plus the price is still considered not very strong as well. Elegant design, but looks unique. It is designed in an H-shape that represents the Hermes brand well. Put it on and stand out.

7. Chanel Women’s Bracelet : Coco Crush

Another high-end luxury fashion brand like Chanel also has popular bracelets for girls to choose from as well. which the design can be regarded as outstanding and unique, which is very memorable The pattern that you see like this is called “quilt pattern”. It is the signature pattern of Chanel jewelry. It’s very elegant to wear.