5 ways to save electricity during work from home

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This working period To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 It gives us the opportunity to Work From Home and work at home. Working at home like this allows us to save on travel costs to work. But it has to be exchanged for higher electricity bills. Because staying at home all day gives us more electricity usage. whether from the working equipment or from turning on the air conditioner, turning on the fan At the end of the month, when we meet with the electricity bill, many people startled when they saw the amount they had to pay.

So in order not to next month we have to pay more electricity bills. Today, let’s look at how to save electricity during work from home. What do we have to do so that the electricity bill doesn’t skyrocket until it affects the money in our pocket?

5 ways to save energy while working from home

1. Open the window to let in the wind

     Change from the open air all day. This is to turn off the air conditioner in the morning and turn on the fan or open the window to get the wind instead. because in the morning it was not very hot We are still able to sit and work without turning on the air conditioner. and if we can reduce the air conditioning throughout the day It will help us save a lot of electricity bills.

2. Sit in a bright place

     Choosing to sit in a corner with natural light It saves us from having to turn on the lights all day. This allows us to save electricity in another way. Or may be used to set the time to turn on the light. By turning on the lights during the work. As for when we get up to take a lunch break, turn off the lights in that area. To help reduce the use of electricity.

3. Change the bulb to LED

     LED bulbs are light bulbs made to save energy compared to conventional bulbs. It also gives more brightness. If we can choose to use LED light bulbs, it will help us save on electricity bills.

4. Pull the plug out of the notebook when the battery is full

     If anyone who uses the notebook to work, pull the plug out some when the battery is full. Because we do not need to plug in the notebook to work all the time. By our notebook may work with a battery for about 3-4 hours in a row, so the notebook battery is still full, pull out some plugs.

5. Organize the refrigerator.

     During Work From Home like this, many people use the method to buy food and stock up in the refrigerator at a time. which stuffing food into the refrigerator at a time without organization Will make the refrigerator work hard, so we have to organize the refrigerator in order. To help the refrigerator do not have to work hard. Electricity costs can be reduced.