5 ways to keep dry skin healthy Soft, smooth

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Skin healthy, did you know that dry skin can occur from both inside and outside? and is considered the top skin problem that makes many people look old before their age So who doesn’t want dry skin problems? This may make the skin look bright or soft to the touch. Follow to see how to nourish dry skin to return to good health that we have shared better.

1. In a climate that is not too dry and not too cold Skin healthy

Being in a place where the weather is too dry or too cold It is an external factor that makes skin dry easily. because the air is too dry or too cold Contributes to the evaporation of oxygen and water in the surface layer. therefore causing dry skin Therefore, avoiding such weather conditions It will help reduce dry skin problems. For all office ladies If you have to stay in a cold air-conditioned room It is recommended to apply a moisturizer to nourish the skin of the face. To maintain the moisture of the skin throughout the day.

2. Reduce the use of warm water and scrub gently

While using warm water can help you relax and reduce stress. but if used frequently Will cause the skin to lose moisture. In addition, if the face scrub is strong. It will irritate the skin and cause wrinkles easily. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the use of warm water and gentle scrubs. Followed by nourishing the skin with olive oil or coconut oil. Helps to add moisture and maintain skin elasticity.

3. Use a serum in the form of a moisturizer

Using a serum as a moisturizer It helps to solve the problem of dry skin accumulated and urgently nourishes the skin. Moreover, this type of serum can also help solve the problem directly and very effectively. In addition, skin care serums with unique abilities. It also helps lock moisture to stay on the skin for a longer time.

4. Nourish the skin from the inside with Omega 3

Skincare with Omega 3 It is considered to nourish dry skin from within the girls. This can be done by choosing to eat spinach, soy, broccoli or fish oil. These foods are like mediators that help our skin absorb nutrients, oxygen, and replenish moisture from within.

5. Drink plenty of water and reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol can cause our bodies to excrete more water than usual. This will make our skin inevitably dry. While drinking water at normal temperature in an amount that is sufficient for the needs of the body. It will help add moisture to the skin. as well as effectively reducing dry skin problems

Let’s say girls Who has problems with dry skin? It is advisable to check the main causes. that dry the skin first in order to be able to solve the problem on the spot especially the behavior of drinking their own water each day. should be given great importance Because it is considered to nourish dry skin from the inside out.