5 warning signs that you should change your ‘mattress’

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Change the bedding , including pillow-like cushions, rubber , bolster and pillow also has a mattress which is very important to us, both in terms of physical health. There are also many types for us to choose from, spring mattresses and latex mattresses. Of course, it may cost a lot of money. Many people may feel sorry for the money and choose to continue to use the old mattress. However, I believe that there are many people who would like to change. But I don’t know when I should change it. So today I have researched and gathered 5 warning signs that when I see it, I need to change the mattress immediately.

1. Feeling unwell

While we sleep, no one wants to feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, right? So if you are spinning or turning during sleep. because trying to find a corner that feels comfortable in bed. That’s the first sign that you should start changing your mattress. Because the mattress should be comfortable in every corner.

However, there is a basic solution that is to change the style of your sleeping position. to sleep properly and does not affect the body In addition, anyone who has a lot of pain is recommended to see a specialist for treatment and get good advice to apply.

2. The mattress has an unpleasant smell

In fact, our mattresses should not have an unpleasant smell. So if you ever feel like your mattress starts to smell weird, it might be a good idea to clean or dry your mattress in the sun to disinfect. But if doing these methods still feel that the mattress still smells. That means this is another signal telling you to change the mattress.

3. Allergic reactions

This is really important. If you have an allergic reaction, it’s a nightmare or a very serious problem. Which the reason for this may be that the mattress is piled up and old until the formation of bacteria, dust mites or fungi. Another way is to use a “ dust mite vacuum ” , a machine that radiates UV rays to effectively kill dust mites and bacteria. But if you still feel that itching Should be willing to pay money to change it.

4. The bed is deteriorating

The bed deteriorates in efficiency here when we sleep and feel pain in the back or wake up feeling uncomfortable The main reason and factor is that the spring or foam of the bed starts to get old and deteriorate. However, the experts told us how to fix it in the beginning that you can use ” mattress pad “ to help. You should also turn the mattress over or over every 6 months to maintain the mattress’s performance. But if used to do the preliminary methods, the mattress is still not better. I suggest you change the it.

5. Annoying the person sleeping next to you

Have you had any experience? That when we sleep with someone, each side of the bed has different heights. When the other side flips or turns around, the other side will tremble along with them until they can barely sleep. This problem should be solved by finding a new mattress immediately. before your health deteriorates due to insufficient rest

Many people may think that this problem will not occur for people who sleep alone, but in fact it can happen. Because when we turn over, the vibration of the bed affects our sleep as well. The easiest solution is to buy a new quality mattress, such as a latex mattress. which is of quality when used for a long time and the bed will not dent