5 reasons why your phone’s battery draining so fast

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One question that many Is there any reason why your phone’s battery drains so fast that it’s worth it? And how will it be managed to be able to solve this problem decisively? Today, Hitech team will bring you to meet 5 reasons that cause phone’s battery to drain so quickly. Let’s find the answer.

The screen is very bright and consumes a lot of power

The first thing is screen brightness. Some people use their mobile phones for outdoor use. will cause the screen to accelerate to the highest brightness Or sometimes you may see that the screen is not bright enough to speed up the brightness to the maximum. Which is part In addition to making it easy to heat up It will consume unnecessary energy. As a result, the battery can drain quickly.

Solution : Choose the appropriate brightness level or will turn on the automatic brightness system. so that the sensor can help adjust the brightness.

Keep the program open on the device

Mobile applications are another part that keeps the battery running all the time. Because the program may have a notification. Or reserve the working space of memory and CPU, resulting in having to bring electricity to nourish the device all the time.

Solution: If you are not sure what program is open, it is recommended to restart the device every morning, but for Android, just press the Recent Apps button and press the Close All button.

The rate of movement ( Refresh Rate) will cause the lights to run out

Mobile phones these days will have the ability to quickly display the screen or a high refresh rate. Using a high refresh rate all the time and all apps can cause the battery to drain quickly.

Solution : Choose the appropriate Refresh Rate value. For some mobile phones, there is a feature called Adaptive Refresh Rate. The system will automatically change the function. It will help to some extent.

Turn on unnecessary 5G technology

5G technology that many people want to use is another factor that causes the battery to drain quickly without realizing it because the speed of work is caused by multi-frequency signal capture, resulting in the device working hard.

Solution: Choose to use 5G appropriately, or some models will have to adjust the operation properly until it saves electricity.

Inappropriate power mode selection

Finally, some power mode selections are available in crazy power modes as well.

Solution: If you want to use it to survive all day, you can choose a power saving mode. If it’s an iPhone, you can choose Low Power mode as well.

All this, you can try to adapt to your usage style right from your mobile phone. Next time, the Sanook Hitech team will have some tips to present, please look forward to watching in the next episode.