5 outfit ideas for short hair, Mix and match clothes

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outfit ideas for short hair Match and match with super short hair Beautiful, chic, stylish! Mixing and matching clothes to look stylish. In addition to choosing clothes that must be beautiful and chic. The outer appearance of the wearer has the same effect. Which we are talking about the hair style itself. Have you ever noticed that? same clothes But between the long-haired girl and the short-haired girl It looks so different! That’s because our hairstyle inevitably affects our style of dressing.

     And I have to say that hairstyles that will make girls dress up easier. also look more stylish No matter what you wear, it looks stylish. That hairstyle is “short hairstyle”! Because short hair is a hairstyle that is not messy. don’t have to do much Just leave it alone and it will look good. Importantly, it does not obscure the details of the clothes like long hair. So what clothes do girls with short hair wear? It makes the clothes clearly visible in every detail. Make the look that is very beautiful and chic. Especially if short-haired girls dress according to these 5 ideas. Let me tell you that it will be much more bang!

short hair with dress ideas for short hair 

     Dresses are designed to show off most of the details of the outfit. So if you want to see the dress clearly It must be a girl with short hair. Either in front or behind the set It was clearly visible without the long hair to obscure it. And with a dress that is already a lot in itself. Girls may notice from the time of work. Girls with long hair tend to choose to style their hair with a bun up. That’s because of letting the hair grow longer and shorter. It might not go well with the dress. But if a girl wears short hair It will help brake the bulk of the dress down. Makes it perfectly matched without having to focus on making your hair complicated anyway.

short hair and blazer ideas for short hair 

     Blazers, although they look like shirts that might make people look more formal in some looks. which the shirt already looks bulky Where will my hair be long and unkempt? As a result, the blazer is not suitable for long hair as much as short hair. which when short hair girls wear It will clearly see the shape of the shirt without having anything to obscure the details. It makes wearing a blazer and short hair go together perfectly.

short hair with camisole

     Having said that, short hairstyles are perfect for showing off your skin look. So girls with short hair try to wear it as a tank top or tank top. Because it will help reveal the nape and shoulders. This look will make us look more sexy and charming. In addition, we can also wear it as a chest. Show off a beautiful back. You don’t have to have long hair to cover. Let me tell you that it’s really great!

short hair with t-shirt

     Girls with short hair don’t have to think about anything at all. Just pick up a simple t-shirt and wear it, you can still look chic. Wear it and it’s very minimal. which girls can choose to wear as a simple short-sleeved round neck t-shirt There may be some patterns as you like. Or maybe choose a long-sleeved t-shirt, it’s cool. Especially if it’s a turtleneck as well. Especially with my very short hair. Girls with short hair wear it and are very chic!

short hair and accessories

     Leave my hair short Even though it still looks chic But if you want to add more elegance Girls can add accessories to it. Whether it’s a hat, a headband or a bandana, it’s safe to say that even though my hair is short But these accessories can add a touch of style just like long hair!