10 ways to treat acne scars!

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acne scars

Acne scars are a problem that bothers people who let the inflamed pimples spread to the depths of their skin. to the point that the content becomes bumpy And some people miss even more. is trying to squeeze acne in the wrong way until normal clogged acne becomes inflamed acne. Along with stimulating acne that is more severe than before. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that acne scars are caused by yourself.

Because the truth is, the best defense is to try to prevent yourself from getting inflamed acne. Or if it is, then you need to find a way to make the inflamed acne disappear faster without leaving any traces. But if we meet too late Until you miss and have acne holes on your face. It’s okay. Let’s gradually fix it. Although we can’t make the skin to fill the holes 100% as before, we can regenerate and fill the holes by 70-80% of the new tissue cells.

How to get rid of acne scars 

TCA Acid Point

Using TCA acid to help accelerate new skin to divide faster. It helps to make the pits gradually shallow. If you do it once a week, it will take about 3-6 months to see results. Applying it will only apply to the pitted marks because TCA acid will cause the skin to become black and flaky. If your heart is not really strong You can easily give up.

Peeling the skin with acidic fruit acids

such as AHA, BHA, PHA, to help make the top skin cells fall off. and repair and make acne scars look shallower

Vitamin A acid

for people who are afraid of scabs and are not in a hurry to heal. You can use anothertopical creamthat can help make the holes look shallower, “ Vitamin A “. Apply it on the pit to help stimulate collagen production. It can also be applied more often than TCA acid because it can be applied twice a week.

Apply drugs in the group of vitamin A derivatives 

such as Retin A to help stimulate the production of collagen under the skin.

Apply scar removal cream

Applying a scar and wrinkle cream containing vitamin E, AHA, BHA can also help stimulate collagen production under the skin.

Skin Needing

It is a treatment where a very small needle is inserted into the skin to pass a drug into the skin. This makes the skin regenerate and rejuvenate itself faster. So the hole fills up faster. This type of treatment in the past used the Dermaroller method,which was not approved by the FDA because it was difficult to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment. Instead, like Dermpoint and Tri-m (this picture is a before and after photo of Dermaroller).

Subcision (cutting the fascia under the acne scar)

This method uses a special needle that has the ability to cut the skin called the Nokor needle. The doctor inserts the needle under the skin to cut the fascia under the skin. and then eroding each hole, gradually doing it all over the face After the procedure, there will be an incision for each needle made. The eroded skin will bleed and may bruise for about 1-2 weeks, after which the acne scar will be shallow. But this method may have side effects, causing an infection under the skin. new wound and become a raised scar from treatment Therefore, it is not very popular because the results may not be worth the pain.

Filler injection to fill acne scars 

It is another method that is suitable for treating general acne scars at shallow to medium depths. Filler is the name used instead of “ filler “. The most commonly used substance is hyaluron. New wait acid (Hyaluronic acid) due to cause allergic reactions than collagen. Most of the time, this treatment is quite effective, about 30-70% because it is an injection of a substance to fill the hole immediately. There is no need to wait for the body to produce its own flesh, but one injection will last about 6 months – 1 year because it is a substance that can decay itself. (Temporary is more secure than permanent)


It can be used well for general acne scars (Rolling scar). If applied to other acne scars, results may be very slow or almost ineffective. IPL uses concentrated light waves to stimulate the neck. Collagen The range of light must be adjusted to suit the skin condition only. If this adjustment is done by someone who does not have direct expertise. The treatment may be ineffective or may burn your face.

acne scars laser

This is another very popular method. The laser can stimulate the collagen under the skin to be regenerated to help repair the worn out parts. For example, the Yag laser is another method that is more effective and more effective than IPL. It can hurt and cause scabs to form. Therefore, when doing it, it is necessary to apply an anesthetic to help. If you choose to do this You should refrain from leaving the house for about a week and protect your skin from the sun. And your face will be smoother as intended.